OTC - Results

Below are the results of the Obstacle Trail Challenge held Saturday, October 24, 2015.
(If there is an asterisk by your name, your medal is being held at the Lake Louisa State Park Ranger Station. The park is open from 8:00am to sunset.)
Photos for requested copy will be posted Saturday night.

PlaceNameScoreTie-Break Time
Green Rider   
1Larry Coleman35 
2Beth Colsey34 
3Makenna Skrabalak23 
4Nardina Panek20 
Green Horse   
1Janine Charles47 
2Kimberly Rydzewski*46 
3Lisa Taylor41 
4Holly Huffman-Pope32 
5Ellie Crowder31 
6Morgan Skrabalak2870
 Emily C2885
 Laura C23 
1Taka Bentley46 
2Deanna Taylor40 
3Rachel Dipaula39 
4Megan Murray37 
5Savanna Sturtz36 
6Jessica Champion32 
 Madison C21 
1Erin Tharp48 
2Nicolette Meadows47 
3Mikayla Moor46 
4Stephanie Walters45 
5Jacqueline Duncan42 
6Emily Cook41 
 Morgan S3753
 Corey M3790
Adult Novice   
1Angela Jenkins47 
2Karen Swann46 
3Carmella Royal4544
4Julia Cesary4545
5Carrie Thomas44 
6Kimberly Wescott4353
 Robin S4354
 Laura W4358
 Deborah M42 
 Danielle Doorneweerd41 
 Mary Ann W3952
 Amanda B36 
 Norma S32 
 Tracy M28 
 Michelle M22 
Adult Advanced   
1Robin Coleman5037
2Jami Robinson5043
3Lesa Roe5045
4Cathy Rotola4934
5Carol Bemman4943
6Sherry Diamond4849
 Kerry Y4851
 Margo C44 
 Maryah O41 
 Justin C38 
 Stephanie C31 
 Deborah S30 
 Amanda C28 
Senior Novice   
1Lucille Hood47 
2Bonnie Twardowsky46 
3Sue Freyser*42 
4Terry Alday4150
5Barbara Van Winkle4158
6Judy Cloninger40 
 Janet S39 
 James W37 
 Ellen B36 
 Hap H28 
 Harold M27 
Senior Advanced   
1Vicki Anderson50 
2Pat Wright47 
3Patricia Cason*43 
4Warren Cason*39