Upcoming Events

Date What When
March 11, Fri. Music and Campfire, on the beach  
May 7, Sat. Nature Fest, on the beach  
May 28, Sat. 5k Walk/Run, start from parking lot  
October 1, Sat. Obstacle Trail Challenge, equestrian field  
November 5, Sat. Poochapalooza, parking lot  

All events are held at the Volunteer Building unless otherwise indicated.

*There is limited seating for these events; please register by calling the ranger station at (352) 394-3969.

Wanted - Volunteers

May is a busy month for the Friends of Lake Louisa State Park. We will be holding two annual events - Nature Fest on the 7th and 5k run on the 28th. Both of these have been successful in the past mainly due to all the great volunteer help we received. We are asking, once again, for your help. Would you be willing to volunteer at either of these, or both?

Amy Schulz is heading up Nature Fest and you can let her know you're willing assist there. Please contact her at: NatureFest@llsp.org.

Chris and Rudy Parker are working on the 5k run. If you are interested in helping, you can send an email to llspcso@llsp.org.


New Year's Day Hike

Bring in the New Year with a commitment to a healthier lifestyle by taking a morning Hike. A Park Ranger and Park Volunteer will guide you along a 2 mile section of the park's 20 mile trail system. Along the way you will have the opportunity to learn about the park's cultural and natural history. The surface of the trail is primarily mowed grass and sandy surface with some elevation changes so be sure to dress appropriately and bring drinking water and insect repellant along. Feel free to bring a snack or even a picnic lunch to enjoy afterwards. Leashed dogs are welcome on the parks trails but NOT during this guided hike. Service animals are always welcome. To RSVP and or to get additional information please call the Ranger Station at (352) 394-3969

Event Time:
Friday, January 1, 2016 - 9:00am to 11:00am EST

Regular entrance fees apply:
$5 per vehicle for up to 8 people and $4 per vehicle for single person vehicles.

Food and Fundraising

This week Thursday (the 12th) we're having a fundraising with Texas Roadhouse. If you're planning on eating out that night, please consider printing off the image below and bringing it with you to the restaurant. A portion of your purchase will be donated to the Friends of Lake Louisa State Park.

Document Update and Coming CSO Elections

Per instruction from the State of Florida, the Friends of Lake Louisa State Park has changed their calendar to match the year calendar. By-laws have been amended to reflect this change and can be found under the Documents tab.

Nominations and Election for a new board and directors have been started. If you are interested in joining our Board of Director or know of someone that would be a good fit for FLLSP BOD please email Amyschulz@cfl.rr.com with the name, email, and phone number of the person to be nominated by December 1, 2016.  The Nominees will be contacted to see if they accept the nomination.  If they accept, I request that a bio be sent by the nominee to help with the election of the BOD.  We will elect the BOD at the December 8th meeting in the Administration building at 7:00pm, all are invited.  Directly after the BOD is elected the 2016 officers will be nominated and voting will take place.  You must be on the BOD to hold an officer position.  The new officers will take office on January 1, 2016 and they will remain in office until December 31, 2016.  The present officers will help to make the transition seamless. If you aren’t ready to be on the BOD but are interested in learning more about the FLLSP Board of Directors please feel free to attend our monthly CSO (Citizen Support Organization) meetings to see if the position would be of interest to you.


OTC - Results

Below are the results of the Obstacle Trail Challenge held Saturday, October 24, 2015.
(If there is an asterisk by your name, your medal is being held at the Lake Louisa State Park Ranger Station. The park is open from 8:00am to sunset.)
Photos for requested copy will be posted Saturday night.

Place Name Score Tie-Break Time
Green Rider      
1 Larry Coleman 35  
2 Beth Colsey 34  
3 Makenna Skrabalak 23  
4 Nardina Panek 20  
Green Horse      
1 Janine Charles 47  
2 Kimberly Rydzewski* 46  
3 Lisa Taylor 41  
4 Holly Huffman-Pope 32  
5 Ellie Crowder 31  
6 Morgan Skrabalak 28 70
  Emily C 28 85
  Laura C 23  
1 Taka Bentley 46  
2 Deanna Taylor 40  
3 Rachel Dipaula 39  
4 Megan Murray 37  
5 Savanna Sturtz 36  
6 Jessica Champion 32  
  Madison C 21  
1 Erin Tharp 48  
2 Nicolette Meadows 47  
3 Mikayla Moor 46  
4 Stephanie Walters 45  
5 Jacqueline Duncan 42  
6 Emily Cook 41  
  Morgan S 37 53
  Corey M 37 90
Adult Novice      
1 Angela Jenkins 47  
2 Karen Swann 46  
3 Carmella Royal 45 44
4 Julia Cesary 45 45
5 Carrie Thomas 44  
6 Kimberly Wescott 43 53
  Robin S 43 54
  Laura W 43 58
  Deborah M 42  
  Danielle Doorneweerd 41  
  Mary Ann W 39 52
  Amanda B 36  
  Norma S 32  
  Tracy M 28  
  Michelle M 22  
Adult Advanced      
1 Robin Coleman 50 37
2 Jami Robinson 50 43
3 Lesa Roe 50 45
4 Cathy Rotola 49 34
5 Carol Bemman 49 43
6 Sherry Diamond 48 49
  Kerry Y 48 51
  Margo C 44  
  Maryah O 41  
  Justin C 38  
  Stephanie C 31  
  Deborah S 30  
  Amanda C 28  
Senior Novice      
1 Lucille Hood 47  
2 Bonnie Twardowsky 46  
3 Sue Freyser* 42  
4 Terry Alday 41 50
5 Barbara Van Winkle 41 58
6 Judy Cloninger 40  
  Janet S 39  
  James W 37  
  Ellen B 36  
  Hap H 28  
  Harold M 27  
Senior Advanced      
1 Vicki Anderson 50  
2 Pat Wright 47  
3 Patricia Cason* 43  
4 Warren Cason* 39  

Campfire and Music

Mark your calendar for Friday, October 30th.

Campfire and Music Event

The Friends of Lake Louis State Park, Inc. (FOLLSP) Invite you to attend a fun evening of live music by the campfire on the beach of Lake Louisa. Members of FOLLSP are being offered free entry to the event. All others are being asked for a suggested donation of $5 per family.

Bring a chair, blanket (insect spray just in case), and S’more Fixin’s and settle in for a great event. S’more kits and bottled water will be available for purchase.

Come make some new friends and meet some members of the Friends of Lake Louisa State Park, Inc. Maybe you will become a member too!

This is sure to be a fun night for the whole family. We hope to see you there!.


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